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Deliver outstanding technology services


Encourage exceptional customer service


Embrace the community

...Unlock Your Business Potential...


Key Areas of Expertise

With over a decade of service delivery experience, TekSoul is committed to delivering quality and customer satisfaction.   From desktop support to data centers to network support to telecommunications (and the list goes on), experience is key, and the experience possessed is instrumental when ensuring your projects and tickets are getting completed.

The following are just a few of the areas supported:

IT Consulting

Project Management

Data Center Relocations

Server Hardware/Software

Data Storage Hardware



Point of Sale

Digital Signage

Desktop Support

Computer Repair

Camera Installations

Hardware Installations

..and much, much more..


The Approach

Attention to detail and high-quality standards ensure that you as the customer are satisfied with services.   The challenges that encompass IT service delivery serve as the motivating factor to overcome obstacles and excel at delivering quality standards.  With a local team in the Twin Cities area that has been personally evaluated, TekSoul works to acknowledge and instill the values and understanding necessary to properly deliver IT service and support for your projects and ticket requests.   


Why TekSoul?

Don't let your projects bog you down and create a stressful situation for you anymore.  When you decide to hire  ® Wiley Workers LLC (TekSoul), you're hiring a serious service professional(s).  TekSoul has over a decade of service delivery experience and the soft skills to build and maintain customer relationships.  With a nationwide network of vetted technicians as well, you can feel confident that your projects will be properly handled in the Twin Cities area and around the country if needed.  Submit a ticket request or the contact form below to get some TekSoul in your business model! 

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